Yurusarete Inai Watashitachi

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ゆるされていない私たち, 我俩的禁忌恋曲, Cánh cửa tội lỗi, Yurusareteinai Watashitachi, We Aren't Forgiven

Author(s) :
Sakurakouji Kanoko
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Synopsis :

Collection of oneshot stories: 1. Is love between adults and high school girls really taboo? Ritsuko's boyfriend, Yuuji, is an outstanding office worker who works in a foreign company. He always treats Ritsuko like a little kid just because he is seven years her senior. Does Yuuji really like me? Ritsuko is always insecure. Do I really like Yuuji? Can we really be together? 2. Taiyou and Daichi are twin brothers, who have been Aya's childhood friends but.... 3.Minori is a shy girl who has a black cat she named Night, whom she loves very much. One day Night runs off. Will she ever find him and bring him home?