Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

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Author(s) :
Ashinano Hitoshi
Categorie(s) :
Sci fi
Slice of life
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Synopsis :

Hatsuseno Alpha is a girl who runs a small Cafe Alpha in the remote country side. If she hadn't mentioned herself to be a robot we would never guess. Alpha's life is calm and slow-pace, yet anything but boring. Alpha enjoys drinking coffee, seeing her few neighbors, making new friends, riding her motorbike along overgrown roads, watching the sunset, swimming in the sea. She's kind, cheerful and optimistic. She lives through small adventures and little by little learns more about people and the world she lives in. The world of YKK is some time in the future. It's strangely, incredibly beautiful. Because of some cataclysm in the past, the level of the ocean keeps slowly rising; there are heavy hurricanes and typhoons every now and then. Japan is isolated from the rest of the world. The techno era of skyscrapers, megapolises, media, virtual space and globalism has completely gone and was forgotten. Nature takes back its space, once conquered by civilization. There are not many people anymore, and they went down to peaceful and simplystic, plain, living with doing simple jobs, growing vegetables, visiting each other, writing letters by hand. What has happened in the past? Why is it so now? How were these human robots created and what for? Where is this world going to? This future world is full of mysteries for readers. The story slowly uncovers some secrets and keeps others. YKK has very well-worked plot and the characters are plausible and very charming. It has many curious turns that open a new piece of that world. The manga somehow gives quite a few of simple, witty and wise observations on life and people. All the stories are very-very kind and nice. ~ all credit goes to Irina19 ^^