V.b. Rose

On going
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ベルベットブルーローズ, 丝绒蓝玫瑰, V・B・ローズ, V・B・ローズ (ベルベット・ブルー・ローズ), V.B.Rose, VBRose, Velvet Blue Rose

Author(s) :
Hidaka Banri
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Ageha Shiroi's older sister is not only pregnant, but getting married. But Ageha, who suffers from an enormous sister complex won't accept it. One day, in order to get Ageha more involved in the wedding preparations, her sister takes her to Velvet Blue Rose, a shop run by Yukari Arisaka and Mitsuya Kuromine, a two-man team that design and make wedding dresses. Ageha, who's favorite activity is making exquisite purses for her friends, falls in love with the shop immediately. Will Ageha get over her sister complex and lend her support to the wedding? If Yukari has anything to say about it she will!!