Ten Yori Takaku

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天より高く., 心比天高, 悲剧大小姐的傲娇奋斗记, The Heart is Higher than the Sky

Author(s) :
Akitsu Mikami
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Hiroyuki is a student on a scholarship to an elite school for the rich. Being the only normal kid there, all of the other students treat him pretty badly. But his life changes forever on the day he accidentally collides with the rich and beautiful Saionji Haruka. After a lot of violence and an accidental kiss from the angry Haruka, a bewildered Hiroyuki finds himself married to her! As for Haruka, by the end of the day she's lost her home, her fortune, and her family, and only has one lousy, poor, "husband" (Hiroyuki) to show for it. Will the two of them be able to adapt to their life together, or will they kill each other first?!