Teki Wa Ousama

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敵は王サマ, 甜心魔王小冤家, Kataki wa Ou-sama, Kataki wa Ousama, Teki wa Ou-sama

Author(s) :
Ishihara Keiko
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The manga follows the life of Minagawa Nobara, a 1st year in high school. After having lived on the countryside her entire life she finally gets to go to the city for high school where she is reunited with Shuwa Ibuki. Minagawa meet Ibuki 5 years ago on a party his grandfather had organisied. There he had helped her when she was being bullied and the two of them became friends.Now 5 years later Minagawa meets Ibuki again but doesn't feel like she had known the real him at all back then. Or did she? (Own summary..feel free to edit when you get a hold of the official one)