Teiden Shoujo To Hanemushi No Orchestra

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停电少女与羽虫的管弦乐, 停電少女と羽蟲のオーケストラ, Teiden Shojo to Hamushi no Orchestra

Author(s) :
Ninomiya Ai
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Synopsis :

The foolish living things, the humans, who carry darkness in their hearts lost the light from their eyes. Deep inside the darkness, they lose sight of the way. Crushed in their despair the humans, one day, meet the 'hotaru' which carries a faint, warm light. The hotaru provided the humans with the light, and started to live alongside them. But in this ugly and blood-stained world, the hotaru's number started to decrease day by day. Yet, the humans wanted the light and started to hunt the hotaru. For money they would throw away the life of the hotaru.