Teacher's Pet

Other titles :

Sensei No Okiniiri, Le préféré de la prof (French), la mascota del profesor(español latino)

Author(s) :
Aihara Miki
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Synopsis :

Misuzu has just started her dream job teaching at a prestigeous high school, and she feels totally motivated. Recently, she began going out with the really hot/manly principal Kazuki, and their relationship couldn't be better. But one day. Misuzu had sex with Kazuki's younger brother Masahiro (he raped her in exact), who happens to be a student at the same school. This is a huge secret that they can't tell anyone: the love affair between a teacher and a student. This is a smuttilicious one volume work by the mangaka of Hot Gimmick! This work is everything smutty you wanted in Hot Gimmick but were afraid to ask for! Note: The story between the characters doesn't seem to be done yet. There is an ongoing series or new volume that came out in Japan for this story. A sequel? This is the next chapter: Zoku Sensei no Okiniiri! and it is here on mangafox too!! WARNING: there is non-consentual RAPE here!