Te Wo Tsunaide, Sora Wo

Other titles :

手をつないで、空を, Hand in Hand, Gazing up at the Sky, Te wo Tsunaide Sora wo, Two of Hearts

Author(s) :
Miyamoto Kano
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Synopsis :

Haruya, a magazine article writer, is constantly frustrating his editors with his lack of inspiration. His calm, quite life is spent in a house away from the city. However, upon meeting a shy boy undressing on the beach, their lives become linked. An unusual relationship follows that will ultimately be beneficial for the both of them. This is in a series of four, that are sequels or direct spin-offs. The list is as follows: 1. Te wo Tsunaide, Sora wo 2. Amayakana Toge 3. Aisanai Otoko 4. Vanilla Star