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Minami Megumu
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Collection of One Shots: Chapter 1 ~ Tarantula The story of the man Tara and Dietrich during the Holy Crusades of Europe, when greed and lust overcame men. Tara captures Dietrich and seduces him into his bed. What follows is the history behind Tara's current predicament, his purpose, and the journey back. It must be said that there is something ominous about Tara's name - Tarantula. Chapter 2 ~ Paradise of Fools There is a fine line between love and hate. Beautiful Koujirou, with his pale white body and amber eyes the color of red tea, share a violent history with Musashi - one of enemies on the battlefield. Musashi, who has only seen Koujirou for his sword capabilties, starts to think differently as Koujirou follows him, especially when Koujirou let's his body be exploited without fighting back. Musashi is tempted again and again. Chapter 3 ~ A Pair of Swords Chapter 4 ~ The Afternoon of Pan