Tanteiken Sherdock

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侦探犬夏多克, 偵探犬夏多克, 探偵犬シャードック, คุณหมายอดนักสืบ, Detective Dog Sherdock, Tantei Inu Sherdock

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Ando Yuma
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Wajima Takeru loves dogs and when he goes to the pound to pick up a new dog, he catches the eye of one particular dog that, according to the workers, doesn’t interact or play. It turns out that the most famous detective in history, Sherlock Holmes, has been reincarnated as this dog that Takeru names Sherdock (Sherlock + Dog). Only Takeru can hear his voice, but his mind is just as brilliant as ever. With the help of Takeru, who fills in the role of Watson, Sherdock uses his incredible observation and deduction skills to solve crimes around the city.