Tango No Otoko

Other titles :

タンゴの男, タンゴの男 the final, Man of Tango, Tango no Otoko: The Final, The Man of Tango: The Final

Author(s) :
Okadaya Tetuzoh
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Synopsis :

Angie, though hailed as "The Man of Tango," had never truly felt the deep, fiery passion of Latin dance. That is, until he met Hiro, a man born from a Latin mother, who was under his Japanese grandfather's custody and now lives as a Japanese citizen. Now, a slow, seething desire begins to rock his body and soul! At first feeling a nostalgic familiarity toward the Latin dancer, Hiro finds himself drawn into the seductive beat of a Latin dance, opening his body and heart to the smoldering heat of his Tango partner.