Suki, Tokoro Ni Yori Arashi

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すき、ところによりアラシ。, 恋爱暴风圈, Love in the middle of a storm, September Storm, Pagmamahal sa Gitna ng Bagyo (Filipino)

Author(s) :
Mitsuki Kako
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Summary by Manga Abyss : A collection of short love stories. One stormy day, a miracle happened when they were both at school alone. They exchanged greetings at the station while going home and kissed under an umbrella. They had the bullying of a painful love, which started with a kiss mark the teacher gave with all his might… At the end of September, after the last summer storm ended, I headed back to school. I wanted to transfer schools so I could forget all the things that happened. But while hurrying to school, I ended up alone with the person I love, Yoshii-kun. I’m sure this will be the last day that we will laugh and walk beside each other. I hope this moment will last, even if it's just for a little while...