Strawberry Kiss

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ストロベリィキス, Ichigo Kissu

Author(s) :
Yukimori Sakura
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“Even though he’s this close, I can’t reach him at all.” A popular male model, Nashiro’s parents died and he was passed around from relative to relative until he arrived on the doorsteps of Mitsuki’s home. Entranced by his smile, Mitsuki has always been in love with him. However, he’s well-known for dating beautiful women, and she doesn’t feel up to par with these girls. Will she ever be able to make him look at her? - Akaboshi Mitsuki is a normal high school girl who wakes up, goes to school, the usual, except she lives with the guy she loves, Kurosawa Nashiro, who is a popular model. Kurosawa Nashiro has lived with the Akaboshi for two years now because of his parents death. Since they live together Mitsuki decides to give Nashiro a bowl of strawberries every day. Kurosawa Nashiro is nice and popular but when Mitsuki confesses to Kurosawa Nashiro her look on him might change!!!!!!