Sono Ude De Boku O Daite

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その腕で僕を抱いて, Hold Me With Those Arms, Sono Ude de Boku wo Daite

Author(s) :
Minami Megumu
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Synopsis :

1. The Temple of the Sun Emperor Messara is a provider of slaves to the decadent roman emperor Heliogabalus. One day a germanian barbarian, Dorugu, captures his eye; he seems perfect for the emperor's somewhat rough tastes. But when he starts Dorugu's training, things don't quite go according to plan. 2. Salamander Despised, feared, hunted, Salamander lives hidden in the woods. His strange birthmark made people distrust him, and blame all sorts of mishaps on him, until they finally cast him out of the village. Dermud is hunting him too, but when he is captured, he seems to be so simple-minded, not having any words, that Dermud feels sorry for him, and gives him a piece of cloth with which to cover himself. But when he returns with some food, Salamander has fled.