Senaka Kara Daite

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背中から抱いて, Holding You From Behind

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Takenaka Sei
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From Attractive Fascinante: 1-2) Holding You/Whispering from Behind- Maki was shocked when he bumped into Nagayoshi sensei wearing just a white robe with the instructor. When they met again after some time, will Nagayoshi be honest with his feelings now? 3)Vertigo- Makoto is a rookie police officer when his grandmother dies and he's left all alone with no one left in the world. Mystery man Serizawa appears, determined to pay back a debt he owed to Makoto's late grandfather by helping the younger man. Makoto finds himself relying more and more on his new friend, but how much does he really know about him? 4)Water Bed- Salarymen Hiraoka and Teramoto meet suddenly after many years. Former college classmates and swimmers, Hiraoka was always entranced by Teramoto, but unable to meet his eyes until one day when Teramoto stole a passionate kiss... 5)Poker- Undercover police officer Kiriyama finds himself at the mercy of ruthless gangster Kamou. 6)Cage- The Takasugi and Miyoshi family have been at odds for decades, and the current generation is no better. But when a terminally ill Takasugi is cast out by his family, Miyoshi takes in his rival. Trapped in a luxurious mansion and waited on hand and foot, what are Miyoshi's plans for the helpless invalid? 7)The Imprisoned Sun- Kajiwara Tsukiya's vacation in India gets off to a rough start when his passport and belongings are stolen. Taken in by the wealthy and powerful Suria, their short time together becomes precious. However, enchanted by Tsukiya, Suria has no intention of letting him go... 8)Everything's For Your Sake- Company President Fukaya Seiji spends a drunken night with his secretary, Houshou. Now he can't stop thinking about the cool beauty, but Houshou acts like nothing happened! 9) The Sweet Poetry- Prince Chris doesn't want the arranged marriage his father set up, he's in love with his tutor, Sakura. But even though they're lovers Sakura refuses to admit his feelings.