Sekai Wa Temee De Mawatterui

Other titles :

Sekai wa Temee de Mawatteru, You Make My Head Spin (English), The Whole World Revolves Around You, You Are Turning The World, You Make The World Spin

Author(s) :
Mishima Kazuhiko
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Synopsis :

As a transfer student to a rough, run-down school populated by delinquents, Shindou tries his best to make friends. When he meets the ill-mannered Yousuke, heartbeats and tempers start to fly! It seems Yousuke is a "tsundere"--his gruff exterior hides a shy, sensitive side--and Shindou immediately finds himself dizzy over his combative new crush. Can Yousuke accept a relationship that goes against his tough-guy image? Or will his tendency to lash out at everyone around him drive even the earnest Shindou away for good?