Secret (Takanaga Hinako)

Author(s) :
Takanaga Hinako
Categorie(s) :
One shot
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Synopsis :

Oneshot from Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda! Jiyunja’s relationship with his teacher had been going on smoothly. There was only one unpleasant thing, Kizaki always said no to his intention to stay over, more less living together. Jiyunja felt confused, because Kizaki had said that he was serious about him. What infuriated him more was how smooth Kizaki always managed to avoid the question ‘why’, either by sweet-talking him, or drag him into love-making. One day, Jiyunja realized the amount of different kinds of shampoos in Kizaki’s bathroom, and suspected him for cheating on him with various women. Again, Kizaki tried to avoid the question and lure him into sex, but this time, Jiyunja felt too upset and ran away. Finally, the older man gave up and complied to his request, saying that Jiyunja would find out in the morning about the reason why he had been refusing to spend the night together.