Sayonara Sorcier

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さよならソルシエ, 再见了魔法师, Bon au revoir, Sorcier, Les deux Van Gogh (French), Sayonara Sorushie

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In the late 19th century in Paris, Theodorus van Gogh, famous art dealer in Paris and the branch manager of the prestigious Goupil & Cie patroned exclusively by Bourgeoisie clients, seeks to embrace new art talents and techniques. However, the period is full of the prestigious and conservative who think that art belongs solely to the upper echelon of the society whereas commoners are considered as unable to appreciate art. Stating that "Destroying the system from within is more interesting", Thedorus struggles to overcome the obstacle by bringing forth works which depict the truth and daily lives of people which are not acknowledged by the academy. Rank #1 in Kono Manga ga Sugoi 2014 for Female Voters.