Saikyou Kareshi

On going
Other titles :

最恐彼氏, The Most Feared Boyfriend

Author(s) :
Kurumatani Haruko
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Synopsis :

Story 1--For some reason, Chisa's unsociable classmate, Jin, glares at her every day. After hearing the scary rumours about him being unstoppable, she happens to run into him on the streets. He is bloodstained, and carrying corpses!? Perhaps it was dangerous to have witnessed that!? Moreover, at school the next day, Chisa is shocked when he asks her out! Despite everything that goes against them, are they suited to be together...? Story 2--Chisa has the best boyfriend in the world only prob. is he has a scary face. Chisa's friend tells her that boys live to cheat on girls and she starts to suspect that Jin is like that.. what will happen with Jin and Chisa?