On The Quiet

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オンザクワイエット, 悄悄地

Author(s) :
Tenzen Momoko
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1-2) On the Quiet On a cold winter day, when Ikewaki Kou, a college student, forgot his key and couldn’t enter his apartment, he was invited into his neighbour, Shiraishi Hiroya’s room. But the room was so dirty that there wasn’t even space for him to put his foot down, and Kou was really shocked by this gap from his neighbour’s orderly image. Even so, Kou remembers the steady palpitation of his heart as he conversed with the bashful and unaffected Shiraishi. Things got heated when Kou realised that Shiraishi might like his brother instead. 3-4) Tangerine Report 5-6) Unreasonable Baby