Oh! My Maid

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Oh My Maid, OH!MYメイド

Author(s) :
Itsuki Kaname
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Synopsis :

1) Shiki is Koto's master, and he makes cosplaying costumes for his maid Koto. Though Koto doesn't like it, he still pleases his master. 2) Shiki's brother, the young master, Shuka who falls in love with the gardener of the house. But it seems the gardener doesn't want to be much with Shuka because he is the master of the house, but in the end... 3) Story about Shiki and Koto. 4) Sakura-sensei, and his special patient Chigaya. Though Chigaya always tries to seduced sensei and asks him to make love to him and that he always loved him, yet sensei doesn't want to do anything because he's worried about Chigaya's body, but when Master Shiki sends him a cosplaying outfit for Chigaya, it seems that it takes effect on the doctor. 5) Continues the story of the doctor and his special patient. 6-7) Story about a tiger and his master. Thought the tiger becomes human, still with the ears and tail, the master is sad because he turned the tiger into a human, but the tiger doesn't think like that at all. He's happy to be able to talk to his master and hug him like a human being would.