Oaji Wa Dou Desu Ka?

Other titles :

お味はどうですか?, Oaji wa Dou desu ka, Oaji wa Dou desuka, Oaji wa Dou Desuka?, Wakatte Hoshii

Author(s) :
Sakura Haiji
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Synopsis :

Composed of several stories : 1) What Does it Taste? (Oaji wa Dou Desu ka); Mikura says he loves how transfer student Araki smells. Will Araki give him a taste at the culture festival? 2) And Then What? (Sono Ato wa Dô Desu ka); A contintuation of Mikura and Araki's story. 3) That's Why I Ask You, What Is It? (Dakara Nan Da Yo); A salaryman often spends the night at his former high school junior's place, using the excuse that it's close to his workplace. But what will he do now that he's been transferred? 4) I Sort of Love You; Continuation of the previous story. 5) Tell Me What You Want; A student joins the soccer club to get in shape, only to find that it's one of the least active clubs at school. But somehow he doesn't drop the club - could it have something to do with the sensei who advises it? 6) Wakatte Hoshii; A 17 year old is at a loss for things to do since his best friend got a girl friend, so he finds himself hanging out with his best friend's older brother. That is the real reason, right? 7) Wakatte Hoshii no Tsuzuki. Continuation of the previous story.