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MoeKan was a short comic that debuted on Kitayume in 2006. However, it was removed from the site with its revamps in late 2007 and early 2008. It is notable yet controversial in its lead character being a Korean and their depiction. The title derives from the word moe (lit: "bud", a slang term used to describe things that one has an affection for) as well as Kankoku, the Japanese word for South Korea. Seven strips were drawn for the comic. It is unknown if Himaruya planned to continue it or not. An early working title seen in a colored picture of Sena was Korea Mansae!. _________________________________________The story begins with a young girl named Sena being warned by her mother that if she doesn't behave herself, the Japanese (depicted by her mother as evil and with fangs) will come and eat her. Sena is upset by this, and says that Japan is "scary".