Mimia Hime

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Other titles :

ミミア姫, Mimia-hime, Princess Mimia, Tales of Mimia Hime, Tales of Princess Mimia

Author(s) :
Tanaka Yutaka
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Synopsis :

Set in a distant future wherein Earth is no longer inhabited by men but human-like creatures with wings, Princess Mimia tells the story of a little girl who was born without wings and who can’t use magic like everyone else. Mimia, the last princess of the winged people’s kingdom, thinks of herself as a freak of nature. Her folk, however, believe that she’s a Child of the Gods because her appearance resembles that of the Gods who once created them. As a Child of the Gods, it is Mimia’s fate to travel to the Country of the Gods in the starry sky. But she is not sure if she really wants to embark on this uncertain journey that could determine her world’s destiny…