Megane No Koiwazurai

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メガネの恋わずらい, 眼镜男孩的恋爱烦恼, Love Sick of the Glasses, Megane no Koi Wazurai

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Yuuhi Ryuu
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Based on info from Midnight Scans: Megane no Koiwazurai Despite being in the same class as Takigawa-san, we only started talking after two weeks. And just as I thought, "Takigawa-san" is the glasses-wearing genius who graduated from the same junior high as me. He's Daisuke, whom I loved so much. Even though I called him by his first name before, now I call him by his surname. Then one day, the homeroom teacher ordered me to have Daisuke tutor me...?! Kimi ni atsui kisu The popular Hongou-kun always calls Sayaka Class Rep and does not see her as a girl at all. When he is in risk of failing his exams, he pleads with Sayaka to help him study. Will the two of them studying alone in a room change Hongou-kun's impression of Sayaka? Hazukashii hodo, kimi to The timid class rep Sakou Riko becomes a cover magazine girl to catch Ryou-kun's eyes. But will she ever be able to let him know that she is really the idol Kokoro that Ryou-kun loves? Juuyoku egotism Hagane and Suzu have been dating since middle school, but now Hagane wont touch Suzu anymore. Does he not want to be her boyfriend anymore? Amore! The tall Aruto works part time in the restaurang owned by Rio-sempai's family. She admires Rio-sempai but does he not really prefer shorter girls?