Megane - Hazushitemo Ii Desu Ka?

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メガネ〜はずしてもいいですか?, May I take your glasses off?, Megane ~ Hazushitemo Iidesuka?, هل تسمح لي بازالة نظارتك ؟

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A collection of short stories of girls who luv their megane boys~! 1) Bousou?Otome by IKEYAMADA Go High school girl Chihiro is, in fact, a shoujo manga author! She bases her manga on her wild ideas with her first boyfriend, Izumi-kun, but she's keeping it a secret from him...? (Also included in Get Love!! vol 6) 2) Gyutto Shite Chuu by CHIBA Kozue (Also included in Gyutto Shite Chuu) 3) Kimi wo Choudai by KURUMATANI Haruko Himeko-sama who hates to lose actually loves Ren whom she sees as a rival. The Himeko-san in Ren's eyes is...? 4) Kyuukyoku Kareshi ni Yamitsuki Kanojou by SHIRAISHI Yuki Chisako has a boyfriend that's the head of the public morals committee but she has a secret that he must not find out! (Also included in Ojousama no Himitsu) 5) Seitokaishitsu de Himitsu no XX by MAMURA Mio Mayu, who admired the student council president Kanzaki, enters the student council. But as she gets closer to him she finds out for the first time his cold, real face. 6) Megane Jikenbo by NAODA Tsuboko Chiri is always competing with her childhood friend who is the top of the school. Ever since the one time that her result changes, she can't stop her mouth from saying that...? 7) Megane Danshi wo Hitorijime? by HATTORI Miki When Sakurai came early to class one day, she starts talking to guy who wears glasses in her class who also came in early. Bored by his responses, she decides to steal his glasses revealing this four-eyes is actually quite a bishie! 8) Kimi no Heart ni Koi no Ya wo by OTANI Hanayo Akane loves her senpai of the archery club. She happens to confess in full vigor, but the answer is NO!