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リンケージ, 欠片, Hearing the Sound of Bells, Kakera, Kusari wa Mou Iranai, Present (KURATA Uso)

Author(s) :
Kurata Uso
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Shoujo ai
Sci fi
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"Do you remember, the moment your love first began?" Two office workers who misunderstand their importance to one another, a young flautist and the woman who loves her, a rebellious schoolgirl who falls for a blind girl, two sisters who have always been close, and an AI researcher and her creation. None of these really has any 'link' to one another. The links are forged between the women in the relationships, and between them and us as we watch their love blossom into something real. Includes: • Kakera Two sisters that are living in the same room. Their connection is a bit more than a normal sister-sister relationship. One of them eventually has some cruel reactions. What will be the end of it all, well read and see. • Hearing the Sound of Bells Hirose Tomoko, a music conservatory student, never found the time to forge new friendships because of how dedicated and hardworking she was as a flute player. Then again, she was never a social bee like her active friend and fellow student-flute player, Okamoto Hiromi. Will Okamoto-san be able to convince Tomo-chin of her sincerest intentions or will Tomo-chin spend another Christmas alone with her flute? • Linkage • Kusari wa Mou Iranai • Present Keiko looks the complete opposite of who she really is, appearing mean and ruthless while being a regular girl on the inside. Seeking asylum from both her incurable lonliness, she meets Haruka who happens to have the one defect that works in Keiko's favor... Source: Okazu