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Love Rumble!

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Roan Summer is a 16-year old high school student who has been pretty unlucky when it comes to love. During his freshmen days, he fell in love with a girl from a different class whom he calls Miss Question Mark. Well, this is because he lacks the courage to ask her name, much less to confess his hidden feelings to her. Now, freshmen year is over and as he heads toward his sophomore year, he is wishing that by some miracle, he would finally belong to the class where his beloved crush is. Odds surprisingly favor Roan’s first day of school this time as he discovers that the vacant seat next to him is actually Miss Question Mark’s chair. However, one afternoon, a clumsy, pretty yet weird girl named Meory Winter ruins the moment as she comes rushing to the room where Roan is, causing the two to bump and to accidentally kiss one another. Pursuing his feelings for Miss Question Mark at one hand while trying to keep the “accident kiss” with Meory a secret on the other, together with his new, old and crazy friends, Roan Summer’s love story is now terribly tangled and twisted. Can Roan be able to escape this Love Rumble? Or rather is he willing to escape it to begin with? (L. Rumble!)