Kurumi-Tic Miracle

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くるみちっく ・ミラクル, くるみちっく☆ミラクル, 夢幻・魔法鐲, Keajaiban Kurumi, Kurumi chikku ・Miracuru, Kurumi tic Miracle

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Yagami Chitose
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1st story : Kurumi-tic Miracle (ch.1-3) Kurumi found a stone that transformed into a bracelet in her grandfather's antique shop. That bracelet lets her wish whatever. Naoki, the guy she likes, wants to get it from her so that he can fulfill his promise to his brother. His little brother has the other stone that is full of enmity and venom. If the two stones will be put together, the world will come to its worst case. What will happen now? 2nd story : Boy's x love (ch. 4) Kana is a very good fan of Ash band but she likes Akira the most. During their performance Akira somehow fell then Kana ran towards him and they bumped their heads together. After they regain consciousness, they found out that they switched bodies. How will they cope with the different lifestyles? 3rd Story : I love tomboy A girl, Hana, was so fond of playing basketball with boys, dressing like not a lady, and fighting with boys. Trying to get on the prettiest girls list, she changes herself. But will she be successful is snagging the guy she likes?