Kumiko & Shingo

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オトナになる方法, ドッジボールをしよう, パリで一緒に, 久美子&真吾シリーズ, 未来予想図, 130 Centimeters no Dandy, 130公分的帅哥, 130cm no Dandi, 130cmのダンディ, Dodgeball wo Shiyou, How to Be a Man, How to Become an Adult, Shingo Series, Kumiko and Shingo, Mirai Yousouzu, Otona ni Naru Houhou, Paris de Issho ni, STEP UP (YAMADA Nanpei)

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Yamada Nanpei
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This series of manga is about a romance between the dimunitive Shingo and his friend Kumiko in different stages of their lives, from childhood to adulthood. It spans six different manga titles - 5 one-shot manga and a 10 volume 6th series that eventually wraps things up. It's well worth the time: 1. 130 cm no Dandy 2. Dodgeball wo Shiyou 3. Mirai Yousouzu 4. Step Up 5. Paris de Issho ni 6. Otona ni Naru Houhou (10 volumes) How to Become an Adult