Koutetsu No Daitenshi

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鋼鉄の大天使, The Dictatorial Archangel

Author(s) :
Mizukami Shin
Categorie(s) :
One shot
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Synopsis :

Consists of the following parts: Ch1: Silently, give yourself to me (oneshot) Ch2: Strike Song (oneshot) Ch3: As long as you do it with love (oneshot) Ch4: Dictatorial Archangel Ch5: The Archangel's Bride Extras: Cololonel Rosenberg's Diary [notice: because ch4, ch5 & extras belong together, they were compiled to one file from Fantasyshrine] (To ch4/ch5/extras: ) "After his older brother died in the war, Hans has no one if not for Colonel Michel Rosenberg who took him under his wing. Despite the Colonel’s cocky attitude which Hans dislikes, the orphaned boy couldn’t help but respond to the Colonel’s sexual advances. But where does a wedding and a honeymoon in the battlefield fit in the story?! prequel to ' Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta ' The book also includes 3 oneshots: a boy who seduces his older brother’s friend, a high school student who volunteers to be the collateral for his brother’s loan, etc… sexy, scandalous love stories with sweet temptations." [all descriptions were taken from Fantasy Shrine]