Korekara Doushiyou?

On going
Other titles :

これからどうしよう?, Korekara Doushiyou, Where Do We Go From Here?

Author(s) :
Sakura Haiji
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Kikuchi and Akitsu have an unusual yet comfortable friendship all through high school. But after high school, they've lost contact with each other until their path crossed again on their first day of work! On the surface, Akitsu seems to always verbally abuse the levelheaded Kikuchi. Until one day, Akitsu realizes that he has fallen for Kikuchi! Would Akitsu cross the line between friendship and love? An angsty story of office workers Haiji style! Also included, the story of Shu and Shindo. After two years of absence, the gun-shy Shu runs into his previous lawyer lover and protector, Shindo. Will Shu overcome his fear of love this time and come together with Shindo bodily and wholeheartedly? (From FantasyShrine)