Konna Nekomimi, Suki Desu Ka?

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こんなネコミミ、好きですか?, Cat ears like these, you like?, Do you like cat ears like these?, Konna Neko Mimi, Suki desu ka?, Konna Neko Mimi, Suki desuka?, Konna Nekomimi, Suki desuka?

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Homerun Ken
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From Liquid Passion: 1) Do you like cat ears like these? Midori and Satoshi are students at Kuromori Academy, a magic school. They've been together since childhood, and when Satoshi decided to study magic, Midori followed him even though he doesn't really like magic. When Midori casts a forbidden spell his punishment is to have cat ears for a week. Will Satoshi also break the rules so that he too can have cat ears? 2) Medicine Time Souta and Jin also attend Kuromori Academy, the magic school. A love potion goes awry between roomates and there is much misunderstanding (and of course some hot scenes!). Will Souta and Jin be able to have a happy ending? 3-5) Light Blue Triangle Sei and Shuu are childhood friends. One day Sei confesses to Shuu on the steps of a pedestrian bridge, in which Shuu reciprocates his feelings. Due to the shock of the event, Sei tumbles down the stairs and ends up with a broken leg and doesn't remember confessing. This sets off a chain reaction when Shuu is torn about telling Sei the truth of their love confession due to his little brother Kengo also being in love with Sei. Will Shuu tell Sei the truth despite hurting his brother or keep quiet?