Koiyami Archive

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恋病アーカイブ, Archive of Lovesickness

Author(s) :
Ike Reibun
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Synopsis :

Collection of short stories 1) Koiyami Archive A cool college student whose personality is bad loves a high-achieving student looking like a nerd. The cool one is kind to the nerd one but he turns so cold as soon as the nerd confesses his love to him... 2) Ater School Special Plan The hero's best friend suddenly annouces his family will move, kisses him and waits for his answer. The hero intends to refuse but... 3) Love Prisoner battle Line Twin brothers. The elder one has guarded the youngest in their childhood, so he becomes strong to repay him, but now the elder one fears him. Add to the mix the elder's homosexual friend 4) Love Prisoner battle Line - Odd Situation Sequel of the above. The elder one comes to fondle his twin. But the friend aims at him too... 5) Radical Report A journalist interviews a young CEO of high-tech company. Before the interview, he entertained antipathy toward the CEO but after actually meeting him, he finds out that the CEO is unexpectedly a nice guy... 6) Dental Sentimental A son of a dentist says he loves his childhood friend, but the hero suspects the friend loves only his well-arranged teeth... 7) Next Door Idol The hero's friend who is an idol and has worked as an actor from childhood is very selfish and always annoys him. A girl classmate treats the hero very kindly and it puts the idol in a bad humor.