Koikokoro Koushinchuu

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恋心・コウシン中, 恋心♥コウシン中, 戀愛進行期, Koigokoro Koushin Naka, Koigokoro Koushinchuu, Koikokoro Koushin Naka, The Evolution of Love, When Love is Growing

Author(s) :
Shiumi Saki
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From Fate & Enchantment Scans Ritsuka, a Ryousei student, believes that she’ll find a wonderful boyfriend by following the love legends. After all, her older sister, Aya, followed them, and she got married! Yet every time Ritsuka carries out a legend superstition, Kuze-kun gets in her way… Although they fight all the time, Kuze-kun is always there for her when she’s feeling scared or anxious. While his words are ill-natured, he is kind to her, so Ritsuka feels happy even when she’s mad at him… Ritsuka falls in love with Kuze-kun. After four of the legendary superstitions were completed, Ritsuka and Kuze-kun fell in love with each other, but…?Sequel to KOIGOKORO SENPUKUCHUU