Kinjirareta Ai No Kajitsu

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禁じられた愛の果実, Forbidden Fruit of Love

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A princess and her servant, brother- and sister-in-law, doctor and high school girl student, and woman teacher and tattooed man; they are all forbidden to love each other. However, their illicit romances are all the more exciting. The best stories of forbidden love are selected in this comic!Collection of oneshots (scanlated):1) Kizuato by YOSHIHARA YukiA woman whose husband was killed in a car accident sexually abuses her handsome servant.(Also included in Sheets no Sukima)2) I Want by HOSHINO MasamiAn 18 year old school-girl begins an affair with her dentist who is in a marriage that has already turned cold. What does this cute girl with good grades really want from him?3) Blanc by YOSHIHARA YukiGirl is getting married soon and goes to visit her cousin that she grew up with. However they're closer than just family.(Also included in Sheets no Sukima)The following have not been scanlated:「あなたは知らない」by TAKEUCHI Masami「Secret Noise」by FUJIWARA Akira「情熱の蝶」by MIZUNO Yuan「奴隷願望」by YAMAMOTO Kazumi「君を深く感じて」by OIKAWA Aya