Kimi To Boku No Ashiato - Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyuusho

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君と僕のアシアト~タイムトラベル春日, Kimi to Boku no Ashiato ~Time Travel Kasuga Kenkyūsho~, Your and My Footprints - The Time Travel Kasuga Laboratory

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Yoshizuki Kumichi
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From Fairgame: Wanting to live with facing forward... everyone wish that they can, but there is a day that you wanted to go back, no matter what it takes. There is someone you wanted to meet, truth that you wanted to know... just to step foward from now. Door of time leaping story that makes you moved and tearful, is opened. To a person, past can be a "support" but in a same time, it can also be "a weight". Truth is those two things are exactly same thing. Simplely, you are just using single "lump" for support or just making it to your weight. It's just how it form is decided by within your heart. From Baka-Updates: In the year 2022, Kazamidori Aki works at the Time Travel Research Facility with her assistant Miyama. They use a technology called Aston that has scanned every detail of the city for the past twenty years and recreates the past exactly as it appeared into a client’s mind. This process called the In-Brain time travel allows the user to visit his past. But because it is only in their mind, they are unable to change anything in the present so no time paradoxes occur. Aki uses her services to help those who made mistakes in their past and help them change their ways. There is something odd about Aki’s past that makes her very unique and she has to deal with the skeletons in her closet.