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鴉 KARASU, 鸦, Crows (MACHIDA Kazuya)

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Machida Kazuya
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During the fourth year of the Keiou Era (1868), the Sendai Domain tries to gather men to fight against the loyalist army, allowing even peasants to join their ranks. Amidst the unrest, orphaned brothers Taichi and Souji are reduced to begging and unwilling to die on the streets, Taichi suggests joining the Samurai. While reluctant, Souji follows his older brother but their uneducated ignorance leads them to trouble with the bandits of the area. They are saved by Hosoya Juudayu Naohide, Sendai Domain Shock Troops' Commanding Officer. But he says he will only take those that are able to rise up and fly by their own power from any situation. "Do you boys have wings?"