Issho Ni Gohan. - Takitate!

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いっしょにごはん。ー炊きたて!ー, Dinner Together!, Issho ni Gohan - Takitate!

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Yukihiro Utako
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From: Paradise Love Scanlations Yoneda Hikari, a business student at the culinary school, was tricked into giving up his dorm room and now has to share an apartment with 8 other people. Yoneda is hopeless at cooking; the only thing he can make is Miso soup. But his optimistic and kind hearted nature draw other residence to him, including Karasawa-san, also known as “curry man”. From the moment Yoneda stepped his foot into this boarding house his everyday life became full of adventure. Can Yoneda get along with this diverse group of people and make a home for himself?!