Inugamihime No Shimobe

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犬神公主的奴隶, 犬神姫の徒, Inugami Hime no Shimobe

Author(s) :
Mizusawa Michiru
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From MangaHelpers: Inuzuka Taromaru is a first year high school student who looks like a delinquent. One evening, while he's at his part-time job, he ends up with a white-feathered arrow through his head! He's told that this arrow means he has been chosen as the sacrifice for "Inugami-Hime," who lives on top of the nearby mountain. However, this mysterious "Inugami-Hime" turns out to be a cute girl who has chosen him to be her servant, not her sacrifice. Their life together is just beginning! [tethysdust]