Ikusen No Yoru

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A Night of a Thousand Nights, 千万个夜晚, 幾千の夜, 幾千の夜 第一夜, 幾千之夜 第一夜, 几千之夜, Second Night of a Thousand Nights, Thousand Nights, Thousands of Nights - The Final Night, Thousands of Nights Volume 3

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Kinoshita Keiko
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Growing up in a single parent household with an abusive father, Sora always took comfort in knowing that his best friend and neighbor Tetsuya is always there for him. Their relationship has always been a close one, but when they realize they're beginning to develop feelings for each other beyond the boundaries of "best friends", Tetsuya starts to avoid Sora all together.Will they be able to regain the comfortable friendship they once shared? Or will it all fall apart?