I Love You, Miki!

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Miki-san, Daisuki Desu!, Miki-san, Sukidesu!, Miss Miki, I Love You!, 美木さん、大好きです!

Author(s) :
Obata Tsunechika
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Kousaka is a quiet, timid boy who's happy enough to go unnoticed by his classmates. But one moment of kindness and concern by a bright and outgoing gyaru starts to change his life. Serialized on Young Ace UP! that usually features up-and-coming newcomers. Show your support by clicking on the thumbs-up button at the bottom of the page at the raw source link. Note: In the title, Miki is portrayed more like a typical gyaru, but in other work, she shows up as yankee (delinquent) as well. The serialized version has been adapted from twitter seres: "Kousaka-kun is Going Too Far."