Hoshigari Na Kimi To Futsutsuka Na Boku

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你知道我愛你, 欲しがりな君と不束な僕, Confession, Insensible Me, Covetous You and Insensible Me, Covetous You, Insensible Me

Author(s) :
Naono Bohra
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Synopsis :

Consists of a collection of oneshots: 1) Covetous You and Insensible Me (Hoshigariana Kimi to Futsutsukana Boku) Never one to get close to strangers, Kai finds himself helpess in the enchanting gaze of a foreigner... 2) Lost in the Darkness Before Dawn (Gyou An ni Mayou) Tatsumi Hiroaki is a swordsman for hire during the Edo Period. Recently, a rise in bandit activity has given him a steady flow of work in protecting small shops in town. The bandits recognize his skill and offer to hire him, where he finds a familiar face from the past. 3) Confession (Kokuhaku) Unable to forget the random act of kindness by the wealthy, but lonely business man, Matsumi offers to sell his body. Is it really just for money, or is there a greater need at stake? 4) The night he escaped death (Shi ni Zokonai no Yoru) Prequel of Lost in the Darkness Before Dawn. 5) Sleepless Night The Night He Escaped Death bonus. 6) Service Confession bonus. 7) Bonds of Blood Covetous You and Insensible Me bonus.