Happy (Anthology)

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ハッピーエンドな片想い, Academic Rubber, Confession Box, Koisuru Sekai No Katsumi De, Love Charge, Love Talk., My Dangerous Serious Boyfriend, Happy End na Kataomoi

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A collection of short love stories: 1. Love Charge; Mao is a normal girl with a problem: she often wakes up early for school and because of that she gets pretty tired. So, In mornings she´s cold towards Minato, her boyfriend. She thinks its not really important, but...?! 2. Love Talk; 3. Koisuru Sekai No Katsumi De (Falling in love in corner of the world); Mikazuki is a shy girl often bullied by her classmates becouse of her looks and act. When the new transfer guy, Yoh, showed up: memories from past, mixed feelings within fear, came back for her. But Yoh suddenly cuts her hair...?! 4. Academic Rubber 5. My Dangerous Serious Boyfriend 6. Confession Box