Happiness (Furuya Usamaru)

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ハピネス (古屋兎丸)

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Furuya Usamaru
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Paraphrased from Kotonoha: This is a collection of eight stories (there are 9 chapters, because story 6 is composed of chapters 6 and 7). Story 1: Teased and Stepped On, What Blooms is a Passionate Flower Describes the relationship between a girl and her teacher. Story 2: Lolita #7 Features the relationship between two cousins, an older male and a younger girl. One is a teacher, while the other is a student -- both at the same school. When the elder cousin doesn’t come to class for several days, the school administrators send the younger cousin to the elder cousin's home to investigate further. Story 3: Song of the Devil Story 4: What If? Story 5: Happiness Story 6: A Room of Clouds (Chapters 6 & 7) A simple minded girl who tries to live her life the best she can. Story 7: Indigo Elegy Story 8: Underground Doll