Haikyo Circle

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廃墟サークル, Haikyo Club

Author(s) :
Yuuki Azusa
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“My name is Midou Maria. But not long ago, my name was Ichinose Rei. This Ichinose Rei was a special existence. The worker force for Ichinose Group’s enterprise comprise of nearly half of the corporate town, Segawa. So Rei was that Ichinose family’s heir." But that brilliant future was abruptly snatched away. Given a new name, gender and three hundred million, Rei was banished from Ichinose. With death as her resolution, Maria roamed around the streets, only to land her in a ruin. In there, there is a community… It’s the secret base for juveniles! Together with Yuuki Azusa and Tobe Yuuna, this is the start of a story on mutiny!