Gouman Na Junai

Other titles :

倣慢な純愛, Gouman na Jun'ai

Author(s) :
Souma Jinko
Categorie(s) :
Shounen ai
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Synopsis :

A sweet oneshots collection. 1) Hino is an ordinary salaryman, nothing like flashy Oikawa, the handsome half foreign head of the advertising department. So why is Oikawa pursuing Hino so relentlessly? 2) When unemployed chef Kikaki finds his neighbor Aizawa passed out on the floor from hunger, the answer seems obvious. Growing closer Kikaki finds himself feeling truly happy preparing Aizawa's meals, but then one day Aizawa says he won't come by anymore... 3)Toshiya and Watase are sex friends, and though Toshiya would like them to become something more, Watase's still devoted to childhood friend and first love Kataoka, who's straight. Toshiya doesn't want to push too hard, but is what he has really worth hanging onto? 4)When Katsumi buys coffee for the handsome businessman who always sits in the corner booth, he's only hoping to get to know the man better. But Odagiri mistakes him for someone named Hiroya at first, and a month down the road Katsumi can't help but think, "Am I only a substitute?" 5)Kiyokawa's nights have become sleepless since he found out his secret unrequited love is getting married. Being teased relentlessly during the day by light-hearted Oonishi, will Kiyokawa forget his troubles? Or will Oonishi have to find a way to occupy Kiyokawa's nights too? 6)Toshiya is the president's son with no motivation and little desire to do well. He is constantly nagged and cajoled by his secretary Kagiwara that Toshiya has secretly had a crush on since childhood. Knowing his feelings are unnecessary, Toshiya is determined to push them away. But Kagiwara is a good secretary who knows that something is going on...