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巌窟王, Il Conte di Montecristo, Le Comte de Monte Cristo (French), The Count of Monte Cristo

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From Clamp no Lumiere: Albert de Morcerf, 15 years old doesn't know what's the right future for him... in other words he's your average teenager. Despite his money and the glorious name he's caring (he's the son of a famous general) he feel a bit lost. Between Eugenie, his fiancee, he's not sure to love and Franz, his over protecting best friend, he's living a carefree existence... But everything is about to change when Albert crosses the path of the Count of Monte Cristo, a mysterious gentleman, rich beyond anyone else dream. Who is this man? Why does he seem to know everyone's darkest secret? From Del Rey: While vacationing Luna, Albert, a young Parisian nobleman, meets the Count of Monte Cristo, a fabulously rich aristocrat from the far reaches of the galaxy. Fascinated by the count’s sophistication and intelligence, Albert is unaware of the older man’s dark purpose: to enact revenge for a terrible act of betrayal committed against him twenty-five years ago. Soon, all of Paris, including Albert’s own mother and father, will feel the terror of the count’s vengeance.