Gakuen Babe

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学園ベイベー, 校图甜心, Ame furi Himawari, Edelweiss no Saku Asa ni, Gakkou Baby, Gakuen Baby, Gakuen Beibe

Author(s) :
Shibano Yuka
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From Midnight Scans: Even though Komachi was born into a doctor's family, she's extremely shy, has a phobia of blood and is extremely bad in sports. Studying is the only thing that she can do well, but she totally failed her high school entrance test! Instead of entering her first choice "ELITE class," she entered the "SPECIALITY class," where people who want to specialize in sports and the arts are. Macho with dreadlocks, bearded lolita... Being surrounded by these people is already very terrible! But on top of that, the famously talented sprinter, Oosaki Hiro, has zeroed in on her and has his eye on her...