Fuku-Fuku Funya~N

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Other titles :

ふくふくふにゃーん, ふくふくふにゃ~ん, Fuku, Fuku Fuku Funyan, Sweet Fuku-Fuku

Author(s) :
Konami Kanata
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From The Cat Mummy's Page: A story featuring the everyday life of a domestic cat owned by an old lady who runs a local provision shop. Very very funny, if you keep a cat, you identifies with everything the comic's trying to tell you. Note: Volumes of the original edition are "numbered" according to the Iroha poem, rather than with actual numbers. (That is, い ろ は に ほ へ と ち り ぬ る を (i ro ha ni ho he to chi ri nu ru wo) instead of 1-12.)